Aurora coached me through one of the toughest transitions of my life. At the time I had just moved across the country—away from almost all my family, friends and contacts. I didn't have steady work. I was struggling to begin and finish several important projects. I felt isolated, overwhelmed and lost.

Through her guidance, I was able to better clarify and approach my goals.  Aurora helped me to recognize and navigate patterns in my own thought.  What excited me, what got me up in the morning? Who/Where am I and do I want to be? What steps can I take to build a life that is true to myself?

The visual exercises, coaching activities, and “homework” assignments she offered felt very personalized. Aurora noted several fascinating trends in the kinds of words I use and the spirit I exhibited with those words. I still have many of my notes from our sessions, which gives me lots of ways to reflect on my energy, motivations and goals—both qualitatively and quantitatively


Now I am feeling more balanced, energized and adjusted. I have a job in a field I love. I published my graduate research in an internationally respected scientific journal. I coordinated several projects and events that were meaningful to me. I have a sense of community.  

Aurora is a positive, insightful listener, with a unique combination of intuitive and analytical prowess. She equipped me with creative tools to stay better connected with my needs and values, and ultimately to make purposeful life decisions.

I truly appreciate her coaching. I was fortunate to have Aurora by my side during a particularly challenging time. Anyone else who feels lost or at a crossroads should definitely give Aurora a call.  

Albany, New York


Aurora is such a great and active listener, so intuitive and helpful.  I look forward to our sessions so much because I know she raises me up, every time.  Plus, I love how she uses metaphors and gives me self-accountability homework.

Her abilities are contagious and resonate with me! My self-esteem has improved greatly, and because of her coaching, I am now not only feeling more valued but also earning more money.  Aurora’s expertise is worth her weight in gold!

Hood River, Oregon



Before I became a mom, my nursing career brought me a great deal of satisfaction. My feelings about work changed, however, once my son was born since returning to my job became highly stressful.  After relocating and choosing to be a stay-at-home mom for five years, I wanted to return to work but lacked the confidence to re-enter my field.  Aurora’s coaching helped me clarify what I value and enjoy from my previous work settings as well as from life experiences in general.   

Aurora actively listened and provided the space for me to identify and more fully articulate what I want now—balance between work and family life, meaningful community engagement—which guided me in my recent job search and interview preparation.  The coaching relationship truly boosted my confidence and supported my forward momentum to find an ideal job where I’m growing as a professional and feel valued and respected in my team.  Coaching also helped me consciously set a clear boundary on work to make time and space for more satisfying home life and personal growth.  I have to say that I have never been happier:  I now have and enjoy a healthy work-family-personal life balance in a community that I love.  I’m so grateful for Aurora’s coaching support through this transition.

Hood River, Oregon